Saturday, April 30, 2011


My pal Nick is currently taking some Multimiedia courses in college and is enrolled in a photography class. In it, the class was designed to do a series of projects that incorporated pictures and sound. I know that sounds like what people called movies in the 1920s, but in this case, I mean literal pictures - photographs - and sound.

For his final project he asked if I would be willing to be the subject of his piece. I was very flattered that he would ask me - and my doodles - to be the topic and he came over a couple of Thursdays ago and he spent some time capturing me doodling comedic actor Jim Varney.

Nick did a great job working with my tired voice - man, I sound tired!  Sorry about that, Nick- and my annoying love of the word "um" (I gotta work on that) but I was really impressed with how he put it all together. I'd never really had someone watch me doodle anything before, I mean really watch me, let alone try to pretend he wasn't taking a bunch of photos of me while it went down. I freely admit I was a little nervous.

Seeing the final project was nice and I was really taken with how Nick pieced it together. He's a really good storyteller and he knew which parts of my babbling rants to keep and which ones to let dissolve into the atmosphere. He gives the project a nice NPR feel and I was honored to be a part.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


What good is having a blog if you can't plug your friends on it?

That being said, my good pal Tim Willard has co-written a book with Jason Locy and it is now available on It's called Veneer: Living Deeply in a Surface Society and is described like this:

You aren't who you think you are. Culture tells us that in order to be liked we must masquerade as someone other than who we are. So, we lacquer ourselves with credit cards and plastic surgery and status updates hoping no one will see the person underneath. This 'veneer' allows us to silence our real selves as it gives voice to the alter ego we'd like others to see. But, is this all there is to life or have we been duped? Does material success equal significance? Is our only identity the one we steal from Hollywood? God's idea of humanity is altogether different from the world's. There is a way to live that sees beauty in our imperfection and, as Tim and Jason put it, once we realize this we can strip our veneers and live an unveneered life of freedom, honesty, and beauty.

You can find the End Veneer website/blog right here and pick up a copy of the book on Amazon here.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Couple of Cute Cookies

Today Tracey, one of Sarah's clients gave - or made actually - her one of the coolest gifts ever.

She took a couple of doodles I'd drawn, one of me...

...and one of Sarah...

...and she went and made them into cookies. That's right...cookies.

Sarah and I are now edible treats!

Thanks, Tracey! Sarah was right....our faces are delicious!

As Sent From A Phone

Saw this on Facebook today, and it struck me as funny.

In related news, I don't have a vehicle so I won't be able to hang out tomorrow because I'm driving to the lake in my car.