Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Must-See Movies?

I have a friend who is in her early 20s and was recently reprimanded by her older friends for never having seen various "classic" movies. As I talked with her I found that, yes, there are some films she hasn't seen that she needs to check out (i.e. Back to the Future, E.T.). She sent me the list of the must-see films she was assigned by her pals for my feedback (that's right...she knows where to go when it comes to second-guessing "classic" films). I read the list and it sounded more like a weekend of SpikeTV than a list of classic films. I added my comments and am sharing that with you here.

  • Rocky...and the following 6374 sequels
    Watch the first one. 2 & 3 you can watch if you want. The others must be avoided at all costs

  • Equalizer Night
    Never even heard of it. Skip it.

  • Apollo 13
    Sure. Didn't blow me away, but whatever

  • Leaving Las Vegas
    Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. You'll want to kill yourself afterward. Also, it's 2 hours of Nicolas Cage "acting"

  • The Godfather trilogy
    I've only seen the first one, and I really liked it. From what I hear, the first one is all you really need

  • Goodfellas

  • Copland
    Definitely not. These guys obviously have a man-crush on Stallone

  • Roadhouse
    Nah. It was cool back in the 80s but now plays as really super cheesy. Might be fun to watch, but for reasons that will make them cry.

  • Romancing the Stone
    Meh. I never got into this one.

  • The Matrix...but just the first one

  • Star Wars...but only 4,5, and 6
    Sort of true. Again, they might play off as cheesy and you have to understand you'll go into them with huge expectations.

  • Highlander

  • Smokey the Bandit
    No way. This was cheesy back when it came out.

  • Blazing Saddles
    I saw it once. It was A'ight. 

  • The Mask of Zorro
    They put this in there? It was fun, I had a good time, but would never have considered adding it to a "Must See" list

  • Casablanca
    I've never seen it. I don't feel guilty about it.

  • Gone With the Wind
    Never seen it and I refuse to. I hate movies with hoop skirts.

  • Grosse Pointe Blank
    It was cool.

  • Better of Dead
    Never seen it.

  • Awakening
    Good movie.

  • Kindergarten Cop
    Meh. It's OK if you like Schwarzeneggar.

  • Strange Brew
    I liked it at the time, but havent seen it in years, so I can't guarantee how well it'll hold up.

  • A Prayer for the Dying
    Never heard of it. Skip it.
    PS. Just looked this up and saw it stars Mickey Rourke. Buy it and burn it so others won't be contaminated. 

So...Let the discussion begin.