Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mystery Man (with Phone)

So every day around noon-ish, there's this guy who wanders around in the courtyard outside my office window and talks on his cell phone. He's been doing it for some time. He took a few months off during the winter but about a week ago he came back and returns every day like clockwork to talk to Someone.

Who is he? Where does he work? Who is he talking to? Is he talking to the same person every day? These questions have been plaguing me for the last year or so and I decided to do something about it: I set up a video camera and filmed him.

And now I turn to you for the answers. So please, take a look at the footage and then leave your comments with your theories. I suppose one of these days I could just ask him, but this is a lot more fun.


Girly said...

OMG! That's my husband!! I would also like to know who the F*&@K he is talking to!!!

(teasing) Did I have you going?

It does peak curiousity doesn't it? I bet its a girlfriend.... or as you said an online "girlfriend" someone he can't talk to at home. Good post!

Brad said...

Shady...I bet Girly has it right...

rusty said...

he might be killer of ruslana, who was recently found dead near her apartment. but mystery about her murder continues, police believe it is a clear case of suicide as there is no sign of struggle.

Whit said...

I feel like it is impossible that it is a girlfriend, especially because its everyday. Does he EVER make more than one phone call? I definitely think you should ask him at some point in the future. But only after wagers are made about what he is doing.

Keith said...

OK here are my Top 10 theories...

1. He's a Jesus impersonator and he's talking to his booking agent about a new church gig
2. He's a Truman Show style extra who was cast as the part of "Cell Phone Courtyard Guy"
3. He's a degenerate baseball gambler talking to his bookie (explains why he wasn't there in the winter)
4. He's one of the members of The News and he's talking to Huey Lewis
5. He's a grass and leaves inspector and he's talking to his senior counterpart in Albuquerque, New Mexico
6. He's the drummer in a Boston cover band and he's talking to the keyboardist about quitting the band but can't make up his mind
7. He's Ed's long lost twin brother and he's talking to his girlfriend deciding whether or not to break the news to Ed, and what the exact words will be
8. He read an article in USA Today about the best way to grow your hair and mustache out and it said "Walk Around In Circles on Your Cell Phone"
9. He's the owner of a Birthday Party company and he plays The Pirate, The Clown, The Pony Rides Guide and The Mom-Friendly Dance Partner
10. He's Jackalope Funklestraps... duh

two peas in a pod said...

Probably one of the dudes from Lynyrd Skynyrd trying to get an interview. Oh no my bad, It's Momma Cass from the Mommas and the Poppas! She came back from the dead....lost some weight....and grew a mustache......and now she's a man. Maybe she's convincing the press she didn't choke on a ham sandwich. That's really the only logical explanation.

johnsallen said...

he's a homeless man who uses the cell phone, so people don't think he's crazy when he talks to himself. The keys & the clothes are a ruse.

Girly said...

I'm loving all the theories! :lol: