Sunday, January 11, 2009

No Sarcasm Implied

Yesterday Sarah and I stopped by Subway on our way home from work. As I was paying for our sandwiches, I noticed a cardboard flier affixed to the cash register, looking me in the eye. There was a picture of Bob and Alison from TV's The Biggest Loser smiling underneath a huge Subway logo. There were bright letters exclaiming "TAKE THE FRESH FIT CHALLENGE!" as The Biggest Loser logo loomed in the background.

Underneath it all in small print were these words:

"No celebrity endorsement implied."

Of course not, Subway. How would someone ever assume such a thing?



Tyler Bryce said...

A celebrity endorsement would require actual celebrities.

Hiram said...

yo. i just tagged you in my blog. keep it rollin'...