Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Adults Dressing Up

I haven't dressed up for Halloween for a few years and besides October 31 there aren't many excuses for adults to dress up in fun costumes anymore. Unless you're all going to 16th-century costume balls I'm unaware of.

Thankfully, there's always John & Lisa's Oscar party to look forward to. They've had the bash for a number of years now, but last year was the first time they implemented the idea of dressing up as a movie character. Not surprisingly, the gang jumped in with both feet and I was more than happy to spend January and February of 2008 growing a goatee so I could shave it to a mustache to perfect my Kevin Kline-as-Otto-in-"A Fish Called Wanda".


This year wasn't as as easy to come up with something. My first idea was to wear one of Sarah's red YMCA employee shirts and dye my hair blonde to go as Brad Pitt from Burn After Reading.


Then Sarah pointed out to me it would be much easier for her to cut my hair and wear my pea coat and just go as Colin Ferrell in In Bruges.


But then Sarah came up with a GREAT idea. I'll keep you posted. I don't want to give anything away.

Feb 23, Update: You can see our Oscar party costumes  HERE.

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janelle said...

oh come ooooon, what is it?!??!? Don't leave us in suspense!!!