Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sarah Said This

I started a new Twitter account today. Actually I re-activated the account I opened for like 10 minutes a few months ago. To be honest, I hate Twitter. I'm sorry, but I don't really care what you're doing every minute of the day. I'm glad that you're brushing your teeth, going to the store, or noticing a weird rock. I just don't want to know about it. And I could care even LESS about the band you're promoting. I'm your friend because I like and want to know about YOU, not hear commercials for your job.

That being said, I will admit to enjoying the rare Twitter accounts I am following, especially by the likes of Weird Al, Dane Cook, and Jim Gaffigan. They usually make me smile, and there's always time for a goofy laugh. In that same vein, I have decided to re-open my Twitter account to share with the world the wonderful words of my wife, Sarah. This account isn't about me, it's about the amazingly awesome things that come out of Sarah's mouth. They're spontaneous, off the cuff, and usually make me laugh out loud when she says them with complete conviction.

So if you wanna follow, that's cool. The Twitter account (username SarahSaidThis) can be found right here. If you don't want to and hate Twitter as much as I do, I totally understand.


Brad said...

give me a rating on MY Twitter updates.

eplacencia said...

I like your Twitter updates, Brad. They keep me posted on cool things I probably wouldn't have known about otherwise. And because I know you, it almost makes me cool by association. Almost.

Stacey said...

crap... now I want to sign up for twitter just so I get the updates lol

eplacencia said...

You don't have to sign up, Stace, if you have Google Reader or something like that. Just put the Twitter address in and it'll update you every time the account is updated. It's what I used to follow Tweets without actually having to sign up for Twitter.

Sorry Twitter.