Saturday, October 01, 2011

You've REALLY Come A Long Way, Baby

I've been doing our family genealogy this week and I've really been enjoying it. I would tell Sarah the stories I uncovered and how excited I was that I was able to trace my mom's family all the way back to 716AD. But, when we began peeling away at Sarah's family line, that's when she really got excited. And for good reason.

So sit back and enjoy this historic look at just how much it took, and just what people went through, to bring us the woman I'm so much in love with. Keep an eye out for the guy with my favorite name, Fulk the Rude.
Marcomir I, King of Sicambria SICAMBRI (449BC - 412BC)

relationship to you: 89th great grandfather of Sarah

Son of Marcomir I, King of Sicambria

Son of Antenor II, King of Sicambria

Son of King Priamus, Prian IV,Priamus Ilium

Son of Helenus

Son of Diocles, King of the

Son of King Bassanus Mangus Ilium of the

Son of Clodomir I the

Son of Nicanor

Son of Marcomir

Son of Clodius I, King of


Son of Merodachus Clodomir II

Son of Cassander King of

Son of Antharius

Son of Francus King


Son of Marcomir III Sicambrian King of the

Son of Clodemiro III Penardim the

Son of Antenor IV the West

Son of Rothaerius

Son of Richemer I King of the

Son of Odomir King of the

Son of Marcomir IV King of the

Son of King Clodomir IV

Son of Farabert

Son of Sunno Hunno King of the

Son of King Hilderic of the

Son of Bartherus King of the West

Son of King Clodius III du West

Son of King Waltherus Walter

Son of Dagobert I King Of The

Son of Genebald I, des FRANCS, 1st Duke

Son of Dagobert II "The Younger"

Daughter of Clodius IV Duke

Son of Ascyla Queen of Lombardy

Son of Flavius Richomeres, Comes domesticorum, Consul to the Roman Empire

Son of Theudemeres one of the leaders of the Salian Franks and King of Thérouanne

Son of King Clodion Clovis I

Daughter of King Merovech I

Son of Basina I

Son of Sigimaerus "Bishop"

Son of Tonantius Ferreolus, Senator de Rodez, Governor

Son of Ansbertus "The Senator," Prince of the Sicambrian Franks

Son of Garnier, Erchinoald I

Son of Bodilon

Son of Guerin Warinus Count Of

Son of Lambert

Son of Robert

Son of Guerin

Son of Milo de

Son of Milo De

Daughter of Francon I

Son of Mrs Lieven

Son of Mayeul

Son of Aubri

Son of Count of Macon

Daughter of Alberic Comte

Son of Beatrice Countess

Son of Count of Gastinois

Son of Fulk the

Son of Fulk V The Younger Of

Son of Geoffrey V

Son of Henry II King of

Son of John 'Lackland' King of

Son of Richard Plantagenet de

Son of Richard De John Plantagenet

Son of Geoffrey

Son of Richard

Son of Geoffrey

Son of Richard

Son of Edmund Planetgenet

Son of OTIS

Son of Thomas

Son of Lawrence

Son of Robert

Son of Richard

Son of George

Son of Richard

Son of Thomas

Son of John

Son of Joshua

Son of Joshua

Son of William

Son of Quimby

Daughter of Mathew

Son of Hannah

Son of Oliver Pettibone

Son of Jasper O

Son of Elmore Eli

Daughter of Elmer J

Daughter of Suzanne Marie

I gotta tell ya. It was all worth it.

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WOW !!!!!!!!! .... all I can say is WOW !!!!!!! GOOD JOB EDDIE !!!!