Friday, December 21, 2012

Fake Men in Black

An Actual Conversation I Had With A Fellow Extra On the Set of "Veep" Yesterday

A big part of working as an extra on a movie or TV set is waiting. Go here. Wait. Go there. Wait. It's just part of the drill. There was a guy yesterday whom I suspect was unfamiliar with the experience and wanted something to happen NOW. And he wanted someone to vent to. Now. I was that someone.

Him: I know what's taking so long. One of the guys playing a Secret Service guy said that Julia Louis-Dreyfus isn't even here yet!

Me: She's here. I saw her a couple of hours ago.

Him: No. (gestures to the table of extras dressed in black suits) The Secret Service said she's not here.

Me: I saw her this morning on the set. She stuck her head in to say hello to some people and then I passed her on the street about an hour ago when I was coming back to the holding area.

Him: (a bit upset that I wasn't agreeing with him) No. The Secret Service guys said she's not even here.

Me: Those aren't real Secret Service guys. You do realize we're not really Senators, right?

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