Monday, February 11, 2013

I'lll Never Tell

I had the oddest dream today when Sarah and I fell asleep on the couch.

We were in Ireland with a couple of our friends. We were in a small town during some sort of Heritage Days celebration. We were standing on an old stone bridge that overlooked a small section of town and were surrounded by people whom I somehow knew were local celebrities (but of course since we weren't from the area, I had no idea who any of them were).

Pretty soon a parade came marching through the village - and under the bridge on which we were standing - and it stopped momentarily. A girl in the parade with hair so red it made her look like a real-life version of the girl from Brave began singing "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" and everyone was indeed smiling and clapping.

When she finished, the parade continued on and the crowd began to disperse. One of our friends bent over to tie her shoe and when she did, a strange guy who looked like Colin Firth in his 20s walked up to her and began rubbing her head. She was wearing her hair pulled back in a kerchief and the guy cooed, "Aye, you have the hair of an old woman."

He said it like he was saying the most lovely poem in the world but our friend just stood up slowly and glared at him. None of us said anything mostly because we had no idea what to say. Our friend held the Death Look for a few seconds - but the awkwardness of the situation made it feel like a few hours - and then the dream ended.

Upon waking, I told Sarah about it and she said, "Don't ever tell her you dreamed that."

I'm not sure why I'm not supposed to say anything. I thought it was funny and random and figured our friend would get a kick out of it because she most definitely doesn't have old lady hair.

So I'm not saying who it is and now all of our female friends can wonder and be self-conscious and if you ask me if it was you I will just smile and say, "I don't know."

PS. I can't tell you how nice it was to be in Ireland again, even though I really wasn't there. But just thinking I was there made me super happy and gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. So, you know, hint-hint Irish employers looking to hire and re-locate  Americans for cool jobs.

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