Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tour de Lanc

Yesterday after work Stacey, who is the office manager here at the station, drove me around the city of Lancaster to sort of give me a refresher course and try to recapture my bearings. It didn't work. I spent the whole time turned around, not sure which way was north, and never ending up where I thought we were.

One nice thing, though, was seeing how many things are here that I never got to experience the last time I was here. Stacey pointed out all of the cool spots to take Sarah when she visits and even showed me the coolest Irish pub in town. A few days ago I hung out with my pals Ethan and Aubrey and they showed me and told me of a few treasures in the area I'd never heard of.

Of course when most people think of Lancaster, they automatically think of the Amish. You don't think about the small streets that remind you of Chicago or New York City, the little Mexican restaurants and grocery stores, the vineyard that has a live big band for dancing, or the new Minor League baseball stadium. Stacey worded it perfectly yesterday: "There's a big difference between Lancaster County and Lancaster City."

So many cool things I can't wait to see and do. It really is like I never lived here before. I'm grateful to have this second chance to experience the place I live and not just reside here.

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