Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Woody State of Mind

I happen to be a fan of Woody Allen movies. In a majority of his films he features a small (or sometimes large) circle of friends often times gathering together and talking. Sometimes they're sitting in a restaurant talking or standing around at an art museum talking or hanging out at someone's apartment talking or walking through the park talking. OK, I guess when you put it that way it sounds kind of boring but what's always drawn me to that is the fact that he always features a circle of friends talking about things of little or no consequence. It's not really what they're talking about, but just the fact that they are together.

This weekend was what I call a Woody weekend. On Sunday Sarah and I got together with Stacey to see Hiram Ring in concert. He did an amazing job and if you're in the Lancaster area you should definitely keep an eye on his schedule to see if he's appearing at a venue near you (otherwise check him out on iTunes or Borders).

After the show we went to Chuck & Ann's for a Christmas party and it was really cool just to gather around and talk about anything and everything. Relationships, Cinema Paradiso, Martin Sheen, cats and dogs.....we covered it all.

And it was good.

Maybe it's just the way I'm wired but if you ask me it doesn't get much better than getting together with your pals and yakking it up. Even if you're yakking about nothin'.


ann said...

It is nice getting together and not really having an agenda - specially around Christmas time!!!

stacey said...

great music, yakking, occasional outbursts of extreme silliness... good times.

When does "Black Ice" take the world by storm? Or at least Lampeter Rd...