Saturday, December 01, 2007

Where Ed meets Ed meets Ed

Today is going to be a pretty interesting day in that it will include a few different aspects of my life all rolled into one. I guess it's not unlike Scrooge where he visits various points in his past all in one day. Except that I'm not an old miserly British guy disgusted by the Spirit of Christmas. But I'm getting there and my Ebenezer muttonchops are still a goal I dream of attaining one day.

But I digress.

First on the agenda is an audition at a theater in Ephrata. They are doing a production of the play "The Pillowman." I'd heard of it before but didn't know much about it. A bit of research revealed to me what an intense and dark drama it is and that would be fun to do. I'm not going in with huge expectations. It looks like it's only a cast of 4 people and I'm sure there are four people around that are more talented than I am. It'll still be fun to go in and audition. I haven't auditioned for anything in a while and I'm looking forward to flexing my chops again.

After the big audition I'm heading out to Chuck and Ann's to pick up a recliner they are being so generous to hand down. I am definitely looking forward to reclining.

Later in the afternoon I am driving up to Reading to interview The Katinas. They are in concert with Michael W Smith and I first got to know the guys when they were still on Gotee Records and I was still working for the label. They are the real deal and not only will it be fun to record a video interview with them for work, but I'm just excited to see the guys again. It's been a few years since I've seen them and can't wait to hang out, even for a short time.

And then, tonight, I'm going to see Stacey's brother Aaron perform in his band Kheris. They're playing at a place called Reflections and I'm looking forward to that. I've only seen them play one time (at the Purple Door festival) and I definitely liked what I heard. Sort of a U2 meets Coldplay meets coolness vibe.

And of course, best of all, is the fact that Sarah will be with me on each adventure. She'll get to see me in actor-mode, ex-radio rep mode, husband-moving-furniture mode, and out-on-the-town mode.

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday, really.


stacey said...

Muttonchops, eh?

What an exciting day you will have. I'm excited you're getting out there to audition. I'm excited for Sarah to hear Kheris!!! There shall be rocking out.

ann said...

What a busy day! Hope you can recline away when it is all over!
: )