Saturday, June 14, 2008


Sarah and I are about to become members at the church we've been attending and last week the Pastor gave us one of those "spiritual gifts" tests so he could find out a little more about us. You answer 100 or so questions and after tallying up the answers you find out if you're more of an encourager or a teacher or something like that and then give them back to him so he can check out how we scored in each area.

After taking her test and tallying her answers, Sarah was a little disappointed with her score in the area of giving. "What?!" she exclaimed, "I'm a giver! Don't you think I'm a giver? I wasn't going to tell you this but yesterday I gave a homeless man a Balance bar."

"You gave him a Balance bar?"

"Yea," she said, "It was the same story but a different person. 'I just got out of jail.' So I said 'Here, have a Balance bar.'"

I laughed. "What are you, in a commercial for Balance bars?"

And then in an apparent effort to let the Pastor know she is indeed a giver, on her test Sarah circled her "Giving" score and wrote in "I gave a poor man a Balance bar yesterday."


iamnotasoccermom said...

I think I just peed my pants a little...this sounds a lot like me. We need to meet! I also really enjoyed her version of star wars!

Janelle said...

hahaha a balance bar.... that's some good testimony material!

Chuck said...

dude, I love these blogs. stinkin' hilarious.

Trish said...

Sarah is hilarious!! :) What church are you going to and what are your gifts?

johnsallen said...

That's cruel. I would think the last thing a man just out of prison would want to see is any type of "bars."

(as my wife would say, I'm a punny fellow)