Saturday, June 07, 2008

Convention-al Thinking

I'm in Atlantic City for a couple of days and judging by the people wandering the hallways of Harrah's Casino/Hotel, the New Jersey Hair Gel convention must be in full swing. Other groups of people that appear to be gathering in large numbers are:

  • The American Collection of Women Over 65 with Dyed Hair Who Wear Sunglasses Indoors

  • The local chapter of WWBWST: Women Who Wear Blouses With Sparkly Trim

  • The International Association of Asians in Shiny Yellow Suits

  • The Elderly Women with Loud Smoky Laughs conglomerate

  • The Northeastern Fat Men with Goatees, Shell Necklaces, and Lance Armstrong Bracelet Conference

Although something tells me these people gather here every weekend. Just a hunch.

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Diana said...

HAHAHAHA I love it !