Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Well, I Tried

It's been a while since I blogged last, so tonight I sat down with that one goal in mind. I actually had a lot I could blog about. I just celebrated a birthday. Sarah did, too. We were back home in Indiana this past weekend for my grandmother's funeral. The post office lost a birthday package Sarah's dad sent to us. And other stuff.

But after I sat down, I realized there were dirty dishes in the sink. I decided to play the role of good husband and take care of them while Sarah was gone. I'm pretty sure it was no coincidence that the first song that played on my iPod was Salt N Pepa's "Whatta Man." So I bounced around and sang about what a good guy I am while I did the dishes.

Then, for some reason, I decided I wanted to listen to Sammy Ward. I have no idea what the correlation is between Sammy and S&P, but I bet they would have a great conversation. After singing along to a few songs, I wondered if Sammy was my Facebook friend (he isn't) or my MySpace friend (nope).

But while I was on MySpace I stumbled across a contest where the prize is an appearance in the new Judd Apatow/Adam Sandler/Seth Rogan film. You had to say in 100 words or less why you should be in the film and I spent the next 20 minutes figuring out the best way to use those 100 words.

Then I looked around for something to eat and considered whether or not I should start watching 21. I didn't. I decided I should blog.

But I lost the drive.

At least now you know why.

So thanks, A.D.D.

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stacey said...

Your blog rocks. But now I have Whatta Man in my head.