Monday, December 29, 2008

Top 10 Movies of 2008 Pt. 4

Part 4 of my Top Movies of 2008 series is written by Ashlea Breneman. Ashlea works at WJTL and is host of PDR (Purple Door Radio), among a variety of other things. Ashlea has been a great friend to Sarah and me and is one of the most generous people you'll ever meet. And hey...If you happen to be a member of the band "House of Heroes," drop me a line. I'll hook you up.

alright... here's my list. You might want to put a disclaimer or something at the top... I only saw 13 the whole year :) So this is my top 5.
5. Twilight

A fast moving train wreck that you had to enjoy. First movie I've ever been loud and obnoxious the whole way through (sorry all you twelve year olds who had to share the theater with me) Oh, and Edward you got nothing on my shimmering lotion.

4. Vantage Point
I honestly forgot about this movie but then looking back over the list realized how much I had actually enjoyed it. I thought it was a creative take, and I heart Forest Whitaker.

3. Dark Knight
I never really was into all the Batman movies or Superhero movies for that matter. After this, I might be a believer... only if I see them imax style though. And do you want to see a magic trick?

2. Changeling
Even though she's a home-wrecker, Angelina was amazing in this movie. I cried a lot. Very inspiring.

1. Penelope
Yes, I picked a chick flick for my number one. James McAvoy is AMAZING, and I will see every movie he's in. They took a fairy-tale and totally pulled it off on the big screen. Plus you learn a few good lessons like: It's Always the Mother's Fault.

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