Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Those Evil, Evil Christmas Carols

Yesterday an angry lady called the station with a complaint Or, in her words, her "annual complaint". Which means she complains about this annually. It seems we played "Walking in a Winter Wonderland," a song that clearly is not about Jesus.

Jesus chose to hang out with hookers and thieves instead of those who considered themselves "holy" and now I'm starting to see why. "Holy" people are a downer.

Are we as Christians no longer allowed to enjoy winter, snow, or songs about winter and snow because they don't have the word "Jesus" in them? Yikes. Forgive me for enjoying, you know, what God created (in this case, a winter wonderland).

Maybe it's just me, but it seems there are issues in the world that need our attention a lot more urgently than the fact that a Christian radio station played "Winter Wonderland" a few weeks before Christmas. You should definitely reconsider how you're expending your energy. In fact, I would hope to think that if you're going to accept the role as Super Christian and change the world and make it a better place, Christmas Carols would be at the bottom of your list. Or at least beneath things like starving children, struggling single parents, or disabled Vets who need a hand.

Or maybe I have it wrong. Maybe you've already single-handedly managed to solve all of those troubles that society faces and you have reached the bottom of your list and it's time to give the radio station what-for.

Oh, and did I mention the fact that when this Grinch (forgive my non-Biblical Christmas reference) called with her complaint, she started off the call by saying she doesn't celebrate Christmas? So we're horrible people for spreading Christmas cheer and in the meantime she's sitting pretty because she refuses to celebrate the birth of her Savior.

That makes sense.

I don't know. Am I off on this one? I just can't fathom a mindset where this [a Christmas carol] is an actual issue that needs so desperately to be addressed. I don't know who that lady is or if she'll ever read this but on the off-chance she does, I have a message for her:

I don't want to say it's people like you who give Christians a bad name, but it's people like you who give Christians a bad name.  It's time to unclench.


Traci Dick said...

It sounds like she is just one of those people who want to complain & bring others into their misery. Don't let her ruin your Christmas Spirit or the Christmas Spirit the station sends out. I've been taught & have leanred over the years that for these type of people you just need to lift them up in prayer & ask God to send them love, peace & joy even though they sent you a nasty gram. It makes you feel much better & difuses the misery they have tried to push off on you. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

janelle said...

Wow that is sad. Why waste your time complaining to a Christian radio station for not playing a "Jesus" song when you don't even celebrate Jesus. Dumb! ...I could understand her side if the songs was "Satan Wonderland" ...but it's not. ;)

But I agree with the above statement. Usually when people do things like that, such as talking about people in a negative way or trying to bring misery on others, the best thing is to defuse it and not let them have the satisfaction of succeeding. In the end they just end up feeling dumb. If not, yeah, prayers is needed. ...or a nice old slap to the face... Juust kidding!

(said in a high Tiny Tim voice) "God bless us, everyone!"