Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Joys of Renting

Sarah and I are in the midst of making plans to move into a new place. When I wrote to our landlords to confirm the amount of our security deposit (they bought the apartment from the previous landlord, whom I'll call Doobie, earlier this year), they responded by telling me Doobie told them there was no security deposit on the place when he sold it to them (he also told prospective buyers our rent was higher than it actually was to try to get people to buy the place during a real estate slump) .

I sent our landlords a copy of the lease I signed when I moved in and in the lease it clearly says how much the security deposit is and that it was paid. I signed it, Doobie signed it - heck, Doobie even wrote it - and the proof we paid a security deposit was right there in black and white.

The landlords then wrote me back to say they talked with Doobie and he basically said, " lease was wrong."

So, instead of taking our word for it and believing the copy of the lease, our landlords have decided that we in fact never paid a security deposit because Doobie said so.

Am I angry? Yep.

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Steven the Pirate said...

A local appeals court would likely rule in your favor.