Thursday, December 15, 2005

Comedy Tonight [and yesterday night]

What a great week it's been for comedy.

Yesterday I got off work a little early and I was feeling so giddy about it that I decided to go to the Gotham Comedy Club and see what was cooking there. It's the only club I've been to so far in the City [at least to see a show] and I knew the cover was only ten bucks to get in [plus a 2-drink minimum].

I can't tell you how glad I was that I went [but I'll try]. The crowd was pretty small and it was freezing inside. I don't mean I was a little chilly I mean it was horrendously cold in there. People were wearing mittens and I left my scarf on. Which says a lot for all of the comics. If you're able to get people to forget that their backside is stuck to their seats and make them laugh, then you're doing something right. Performing that night were Ted Alexandro, Todd Barry, Mike Birbiglia, Steve Byrne, and Judy Gold. Erin Foley did a great job hosting so again, well done!

Tonight I went to a taping of a couple of episodes of Comedy Central Presents with Virginia and Mike, buddies from the NCT (Mike's friend Simon rounded out our little merry band of comedy seekers). We had to wiat outside in the rain/sleet for a while but it wasn't coming down terribly hard and since we're all in improv we were able to keep ourselves entertained.

I've already forgotten the name of the first comic. Her last name is Mooney, I know that much. The background for her set was a huge 4-leaf clover. She did a really good job but I must admit I was awaiting the second comic of the night, Nick Swardson. You may have seen his earlier episode of Comedy Central Presents ["Nicholas, you're the strongest grandson ever!"] and he did not disappoint this time around.

And then tomorrow and Saturday night it's off for more comedy hijinks and shenanigans. If laughter is the best medicine then this week I done got myself immunized for the next three years.

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