Saturday, February 25, 2006

I'm Proud Of You

Just because the majority of my blogs are about my adventures and what I have been up to, don't think I don't have my eye on you (and the rest of my buddies). Right now when I think of my buds, I feel a deep sense of pride. I'm proud of all of my friends. Allow me to brag on a couple of them.

I'm proud of

Kevin. He had a show tonight with his group The Steagles.

Timmy. The comedy troupe he is in has been kicking butt and they're getting reay to leave for the Aspen Comedy Festival.

JT & Chris: They've been doing an amazing job at keeping things at the theater running smoothly while the cat's away.

Jerusha: She moved to the big city to chase her dream, and it's well within her grasp.

Of course, there are a lot more friends I am proud of right now, but if I start going into a huge big list, then people accidentally get left out and it gets ugly.

I love all my children equally.

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