Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Truman Show

I actually made it out to the movies yesterday afternoon. I went with Cohen to see Capote starring Phillip Seymour Hoffman (hey, look at that, the two people I'd like to see get the Oscar this year have very similar names: Hoffman & Huffman).

I really enjoyed it. I thought Hoffman did a great job and, although I wasn't 100% sure what the film would be about going into it (I didn't know if the film focused on Truman Capote's entire life story or just a segment of it) I really enjoyed how the story unfolded.

Even though it was fairly serious material, the only real knowledge I had of Truman Capote beforehand was the fact that he was in the slapstick movie classic Murder By Death with Peter Sellers, Alec Guiness, Peter Falk, and James Coco. True, seeing that older movie helped me appreciate just what a dead-on job Hoffman did, but it also kept me giggling as I remembered Capote cavorting around as the character Lionel Twain in what was basically the movie Clue ten years before Clue actually came out.

Capote: Check it out if you can.
Murder By Death: Netflix it. Punny and cheesy, but it was supposed to be. In my opinion, a classic. Why this isn't mentioned in the same breath as Blazing Saddles is beyond me.

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