Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday

Wow. This blog is four years old this month. On one hand it almost seems like "forever ago" when I started this because I was in such a different place. Who was that guy in Nashville spending all of his time alone, trying desperately to save a relationship without help from anyone else lest people find out he was in a failing marriage?

Yeah, that guy was me.

I started this blog in a pretty dark time in my life although I think I did a pretty good job at hiding it. But I've come to appreciate dark times, and I'm not just saying that because things pretty much rock right now. There's no way I would appreciate what I have and those around me as much as I do had everything in life been one smooth road.

Sometimes we have to lose everything we have to find out what's really important. It's a steep price at the time, but it's a bargain in the long run.

Along the way God put a couple of guys in my life who set me straight. Guys that would tell me what I needed to hear even if it wasn't what I wanted to hear. Sometimes we have a tendency to baby our friends and go easy on them; Sometimes what we need is someone to kick our butt and tell us to get on the freakin' ball. So thanks, Davy. Thanks, Rick. Thanks for being willing to let God use you to set a schmuck like me straight.

I never would have thought, four years ago, I'd be where I am today and this happy about it. It's not because of anything I did. I have to let God take the credit. He does indeed rock. Even in the hard times.

Hm. I intended this blog to be a "Hey wow, I've been writing somewhat consistently for four years now" blog and it turned out to be a reflection on how good God is. Funny how that happens.

Here's to another four (and more).


Brad said...

I hope in 4 years I can say the same thing...thanks for the encouraging read.

two peas in a pod said...

Howdy neighbor!

haha... what's your least favorite food? Cause that's what we're having. :o Naw, we'll have to have you guys over sometime!
That's some good bloggin' right there. God is good!

p.s. - I'm diggin' the pink broom.

stacey said...

I love it. I'm so thankful that we are carried through stuff and we don't even realize we're being carried. We still have to go through it... but we survive because we aren't alone.

Fred said...


Great blog. And I'm thankful that your journey has brought you back to us. Great picture too. You've been through so much. You have an amazing story.

I admire you, where you've been, where you are, and where you are going.