Thursday, May 15, 2008


I think the people who make beach towels should spend some time with the people who make bath towels. There really shouldn't be any difference between the two, should there? They're both towels. Their primary function is to dry people off, yet bath towels are soft and fluffy and beach towels are thin and rough. Almost like the Snuggles bear said "Yay!! I'll make the bath towels!! Yeeee!" And Gritty, the sandpaper spokesman said, "Beach towels? I got this."

Another difference is bath towels are often one solid color and beach towels are an eyesore of bright colors, usually advertising your likes. A bath towel tells people, "This shade of blue compliments the border in the bathroom" and a beach towel tells people, "I like The Six Million Dollar Man!!!"


Denice said...

Try Target beach towels--that's what we use for bath towels! (I like to wrap up after a shower) They are Soft! and, yes--hideous color scheme, but big and fluffy. =D

tenthredemption said...

i take bath towels to the beach. why spend extra money on a towel i'm going to use just a few times a year at the beach? pfft.

Jamie said...

I have egyptian cotton bath towels that I use at home and to take to the pool or the beach. Try - The bathsheets are HUGE!!!!! They're bigger than me!