Thursday, May 08, 2008

Today's Forecast: Bitter

I can't believe some of the jobs that are out there actually require you to go to college to perform them. Like Weather Man School. How hard can that be?

Can you look at a computer screen and point at the arrows?
If we show you numbers on a screen like "85" and "74" can you read them and say them out loud?
Can you get a suit?

If you answered "yes" to these questions the congratulations, you're valedictorian.

And I know the final exam had to have been rough.

Here's a cartoon picture of a cloud. Is it going to be

A) Cloudy
B) Sunny
C) Windy
D) Apple Jacks

Come on. I could totally do that! And these weather guys have to realize this. Not every job is one that I could walk into tonight without any training and do it just as well.

Bus driver? No way I could do that. I couldn't steer that big moose of a bus around a corner without taking out a lamppost and a small child.

Waiter? No way. Too stressful. I have respect for those guys.

Weatherman? Please. I could read numbers when I was four. Today, 74 degrees. Done. Where's my check?

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