Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Production Update: "The Blanket"

Yes, fans, the wait is almost over. Another short film by Yours Truly will be on its way soon.

For those of you who may not know, Sarah and I spent an evening with our friends John and Lisa and their son Alex. Part of that time was spent eating an incredible meal, part of it was spent playing badminton. But the majority of our time was spent filming. We finished up a project for work that is a parody of one of our favorite films (we also filmed a trailer for this film but, alas, it is only available to my Facebook friends. But before you friend-request me, take note of my previous post).

This is the final product of the work project. How jealous are you that I get paid to have this much fun?

The bulk of our time, though, was spent working on a personal project of mine entitled The Blanket. I wrote the script last year and wrote it specifically with John, Lisa, and Alex in mind. It's not my first time working with kids (while I was in Indiana my brother and I put together an asinine mini-series called "Terocus" and in one episode his daughter played one of the bad guys who met a most untimely demise).

But this was my first time working with a kid as my star (okay, yeah, Alex starred in our "Cha Cha Slide" parody, but he didn't have to learn any lines in that one) and it's been a fun journey. Alex is 10 years old and I've been talking to him about this for the last six months. It got to the point, though, where I think he became a little sick of hearing about it and whenever I would mention The Blanket to him, he would roll his eyes and tell me he quit the project.

About a month or so ago he came in to work and I filmed a few quick shots of him in front of the green screen and last week we got all of his filming wrapped. I think he's glad to be done with it and now he's eager to find out when it will be finished.

I took what footage I have and edited it down into a very rough cut of the short film and so far I'm happy with how it looks (and is going to look). Alex and his family did a great job for me and they look great on the screen.

I only have two more quick scenes to shoot: I need to shoot an exterior shot of the house and also nab a quick shot of Sarah and me in front of the green screen. Next week I'll be recording a good buddy of mine for a voiceover and then it'll just be down to the final editing -- my favorite part.

Hopefully I'll be blogging again in a couple of weeks to let you know the short film is finished and ready to view. In the meantime, here are a couple of shots Sarah took while we were filming. Until next time...I'll be in the editing room!


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