Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Blog for Blog's Sake

Wow, it's been a while since my last blog and I really have no valid excuse. It's not like there haven't been things going on that I could ramble about:

  • We thought we found bigfoot but that turned out to be a rubber suit in a freezer. They actually sent it to a lab to get tested. Did the zipper not give it away? The scientists said they figured out it wasn't real because the hairs on the suit didn't burn like actual hairs burn. So wait...this is how we test these things? "I think I found a rare species of dinosaur. But to be sure, let's send it to the lab so they can burn the evidence."

  • The Olympics came and went. I had actually started a blog about the way the boxing is judged but it got me so upset, I had to stop. Basically, when it comes to the Olympics, boxing isn't boxing. It's judged more like fencing with gloves on. Except body blows don't count. And neither do most head shots. Unless the judges don't see it correctly. Basically hit your opponent, score a couple of points, and then spend the rest of your time running from him in the ring.

  • Speaking of TV coverage that goes on for days and days, the Democratic convention is here and you know what that means: time for Ed to pop in some DVDs.

  • Saw the trailer for the new inspirational film with Kirk Cameron, Fireproof. As a Christian and someone who's a bit of a movie guy, I'm sort of a little offended. Is that OK? I just don't think cheesy Hallmark Channel movie rejects should get a pass solely because it's got the tag "Christian" on it. Maybe I'm a little off, but shouldn't we also try to make art that's actually quality stuff?

On the non-sarcastic side of things, my buddy Ed (yep...Ed and Ed hanging out again) was in town for a few days and we made some pretty ridiculous videos and that was a good time. (And yes, I realize this may seem to contradict my "Christians should make art" rant in the previous paragraph, but I'm not making art. I'm just trying to make my friends laugh.) If you're a buddy of mine check them out on my Facebook, as I won't be uploading them to YouTube.

Other than that, life has been pretty good and I have no legitimate complaints. Spending my time hanging out with my hot wife making crazy monkey love. And you're welcome for that image.


Jesse said...

You have succeeded in the "making friends laugh" category.

tnt said...

Did you see Fireproof? My husband and I saw it in a prescreening, and I don't know about you, but it's about time someone made a movie celebrating marriage instead of insulting it. It boldly celebrates unconditional love and acknowledges how difficult it can be to keep a marriage together in a real way. Maybe it's not "good" enough for wide-release (which is probably why is ISN'T a wide-release film) but someone has to stand behind films that try to keep tough marriages together instead of fluffy ro-coms that celebrate affairs and adultery. We even got a copy of the Love Dare book--if you need to do one thing to help put a troubled marriage back together, this will do it. I found it online at www.fireproofoutreach.com. I DARE YOU to take your wife (after the crazy monkey love, of course) and see the movie together, and then tell me if you don't see yourself in it somewhere. If you don't, consider yourself blessed, but I'll bet you do.