Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hassled by the Man

Yesterday I got a message from YouTube informing me that one of my videos was in violation of copyright something-or-other. The video in question? A minute-and-a-half video I made to the song "Lady Marmalade" where I re-created shot-by-shot the first part of the original video starring Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya, and Li'l Kim. Only I used barnyard animal puppets instead.

YouTube tells me UMG (Universal Music Group) claims the copyright is theirs. I assume they mean the music, because I kind of doubt they own the copyright on barnyard animal puppets prancing around. Or maybe they do. I mean, have you seen the original video?

YouTube went on to tell me that the video is still available because UMG doesn't object to it being on YouTube. Thanks, UMG!

But one thing I'm fuzzy on...I couldn't understand why for the life of me UMG is concerned about a song that was popular eight years ago. Are they still keeping an eye on the chart movement of the Moulin Rouge soundtrack? I think it's safe to say they can move on to more current releases, like Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights and Home Alone 3.

YouTube also let me know that UMG will be monitoring how many hits my video gets. So basically, they want me to quit acting up. I'm not in trouble...but they're watching me.

But let's be honest, Universal Music Group. You owe me one. Sarah and I went to California for a wedding earlier this year and I wanted to take Sarah to my favorite California tourist attraction, Universal Studios. But you were closed. CLOSED. All because you guys were too busy burning down your back lot. So the least you can do is let me have my barnyard animal puppet video in peace. And also cast me in your next film.



This is the stupid little video whose existence poses to take down the Universal Music Group empire. SO WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T WATCH IT!!


Chuck said...

It sounds like the inspiration for this video was the cowbell in the background. :P

Michelle said...

That was hilarious.

Amy said...

Just so you are aware, Universal Music Group and Universal Studios are two separate companies - not related at all... owned by two separate companies.....

eplacencia said...

Once again, humor is lost on people who work in the music industry. And by "work in the music industry" I mean "work in the credit department of a music industry-owned establishment."

john allen said...

Ah...the music industry... I remember that. Wonder what ever happened to it?