Monday, March 15, 2010

A Message from a Pervert

Shortly after posting my funny video about my friend being able to pick up Jell-O with their feet, I received this private message from a YouTube user going by the name gervilinf2010:

"i want see more about her feet"

Congratulations, pal, you're today's Perv O' The Day! You've earned a year's supply of cool hipster glasses and an additional year's stay at your parents' house free of charge! But wait, there's more! You've also been enrolled in Adrian Cronhaur's "Basic English for Mongoloids 101" at your local community college.

A winner on so many levels indeed.


janelle said...

sick! feet are gross. i don't have a phobia or anything... but come on, it's feet.

eplacencia said...

They ARE especially useful when roundhouse-kicking weird internet creeps to the face. So there's that, at least.

janelle said...

so true. a good foot to the face would do a creep some good.