Thursday, March 18, 2010

Grrrrrrrr!!!! I Want a Degree!!!!!!!

Depending on what they're selling, advertisers are usually pretty good at selecting photographs that match the product they're pushing. Selling an iron? Here's a picture of an iron. Promoting a concert? Here's a picture of the band. Trying to get you to meet girls in your area? Here's a picture of an under-aged teen we stole from Google.

Trying to get people to enroll in an online college? Um...well...all I have is this picture of an angry old dude. Good luck.


Michelle said...

It's like Chevy Chase on Community??

janelle said...

I see that photo everywhere! and I can't stop laughing at it! Is this someone's grandpa? Does this man even know his picture is being used online? Are they trying to say that grumpy old men can qualify for a grant?!