Monday, August 23, 2010

A Request For Fat People

Today I was walking downtown and was approached by two fat girls coming in the opposite direction. They were walking side-by-side and as someone who has a pretty well-developed sense of size, I knew there was no way all three of us were going to fit on the sidewalk at the same time.

And this brings me to my request: If you're not going to go single-file for three or four steps while I try to squeeze past, can you at least not give me a dirty look like I'm the one in the way?

Thanks, fat people. Thanks.

[caption id="attachment_2096" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="This is pretty much what I saw coming at me today on the sidewalk"][/caption]


Posky said...

I was already smirking before I finished reading the post but, when I saw the image, I went into a hysterics.

Top Of My Head said...

So, listen up, Skinny boy - what do you say to squeezing your skinny body up against a building and let us fat people by?

Sahara said...

Good read. props