Sunday, August 22, 2010

No Ghosts of Gettysburg

A few weeks ago Sarah and I took a trip to Gettysburg and did a little amateur ghost hunting. When we left town, we were very excited with what we thought was proof of...something. You can see the evidence we collected here.

This past Saturday Sarah and I trekked back to Gettysburg and the first thing we did was return to the general store where we thought we may have spotted the ghost of Mrs Pickering (the original owner of the general store). Sarah took a photo from the same place she stood the last time around and, lo and behold, the anomaly was back. And as soon as it showed up, we knew we didn't hadn't captured a ghost. That would have been too easy.

The street lights must have been brighter because, although the video looks just as dark as last time around, we could see inside the store easier and I was able to quickly identify the items that were making it look as if there was a form..or something...standing browsing the aisles.

We were a little disappointed that we were able to de-bunk Mrs. Pickering so quickly, but at the same time, I think we were a little proud of our de-bunking skills.

That night we returned to the Ghosts of Gettysburg, the place where we went on a ghost tour the last time we were in town. Only this time it wasn't a standard tour with ghost stories, it was an actual ghost investigation. We were excited to learn that only two other people showed up, as we hoped that meant more time to interact with author and ghost hunter Mark Nesbitt and co- investigator Larry Phelps.

When we arrived, we found out we would be investigating the Ghosts of Gettysburg building, which is purported to be haunted with a few ghosts of its own. We were told we would carry on EVP sessions in a few different rooms, get to learn about the equipment they use, like EMF (electromagnetic field) detectors, and so on.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen. The other couple who showed up were from Pittsburgh and the guy decided that we had paid money to learn not from the Ghosts of Gettysburg people, but from him.

From the onset he bragged about how good he was, he must have mentioned the fact he was a DJ at least six or seven times, and when our tour guides would mention their methods or talk about their equipment, this guy (his name was Gary but also made it a point to mention the fact that his DJ name is DJ EVP) would interrupt and explain what the actual proper method was, what he does, why this is wrong, why we was right, and on and on and on and on.

He would then go into stories that pertained to nothing, brag about other things he did, he bragged about the fact that he has $1000-headphones, and pretty much railroaded the conversation that only he was engaging in to revolve around him.

And it was because of this dill weed that our night was ruined. We didn't get to try out any of the cool gadgets, we only got to investigate one of the six areas in the house we were told we would get to investigate, we didn't see any dark shapes or hear any voices, and we walked away with nothing.

Like a drunk heckler at a comedy club who thinks he's being part of the show but is actually just ruining the night for everyone, this douche named Gary made me want to elbow him in his show-off face.

But I didn't. And Sarah and I just walked back to our hotel and made fun of him behind his stupid back.


Carol Nesbitt said...

Ed & Sarah, I had a feeling that this had happened and that it would impact your your investigation experience. I'd like to make arrangements with you to set up another investigation with Mark - but this one will be private. How far do you live from Gettysburg?
Good job on the follow up on your "ghost photo" and the re-creating of the event. That was perfect form for paranormal investigators!

Carol Nesbitt

eplacencia said...

Now you see why Sarah and I have loved working with the people at Ghosts of Gettysburg! Everyone we've dealt with, on the phone, in person, on a tour, has always been more than accommodating and if this response from them doesn't validate that claim, I don't know what does.

As I mentioned in the video in my post, Sarah and I weren't upset with the investigators from GOG. On the contrary, we really enjoyed hearing what they had to say and the stories they shared. We'll just make sure next time we want to investigate in Gettysburg, DJ EVP is spinning the vinyl in Pittsburgh.

You can find out more about the Ghosts of Gettysburg tours and special events at their website.

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