Friday, August 27, 2010

Clues Without A Mystery

I was the first one at the office this morning which always makes me a little nervous. The first one in has to deactivate the alarm system and it's notorious for not being very generous and letting you "CLEAR" and "RESET" if you accidentally hit the wrong number.

Upon opening the door, though, I found the alarm wasn't on.

As I entered the building, I kept an eye out to make sure no one was inside to startle me. I went into the kitchen to put my soda and yogurt in the fridge and was a little taken back by the coffee pot.

OK, I can understand someone forgetting to turn on the alarm when they leave, but what was going on with this? Did someone make coffee and then forget to put the pot back on the burner? Is that even possible? be honest, I can't think of another reason to explain this weird phenomenon.

I did a quick walkthrough of the studio and my office and couldn't find anything else out of place. Freaky Friday, indeed.


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stacey said...

Hm... one time when i asked Phil to check the pot upstairs... he not only made sure it was off but took the pot off the coffee maker similarly to picture above... I wonder if that's a "this way it won't blow up" thing that he does?