Wednesday, February 01, 2012

10 Steps To Enjoying A Night In

Start with some freshly-ground coffee from a place that roasts their own beans as well as the gang at Square One Coffee does

Just a bit of water at first. It almost looks like a chocolate cake

Add more water

Lean in and take a whiff

Something good happened here

No cream or sugar for you? Good news, your coffee's ready

I'll take some cream, please


...and enjoy.

My camera seemed to add a green tint to the final photo that wasn't there in real life. The lighting seems to have tweaked the golden tan color it actually has. My thanks to the fine folks at Square One Coffee for providing the beans that made for an excellent way to wind down tonight.

The pour-over dripper, kettle, and filters are totally worth it (especially if you're a coffee snob like me) and available in person at Square One or online from Amazon.

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Ty said...

I liked step 6