Thursday, October 27, 2005

Is George home?

So something actually happened at my night job worth talking about...

For those of you who don't know, I work in the evenings at a place that works with mutual fund companies. I call shareholders and ask them to vote along with the board of their funds for their shareholder meeting. Thrilling, I know. But it's work, and it's at night so I can hit auditions during the day. They're also really cool about letting me take off to film movies and do improv so I can't complain.

Tonight I was calling people on the west coast and one of the names I had to call was a guy by the name of George Lucas. Funny huh? I mean, really, what if it were the George Lucas. I looked at his holdings, and this guy had enough that it actually could have been. Then I noticed that he had some holdings in the name of his daughters. So I Googled George Lucas and found an article online that mentioned his daughters names...and they matched. I was about to call Mr Star Wars himself!! I was really stoked and there was a nice little buzz in the office.

So I called the phone number and I got an answering machine. I was excited. I bet George Lucas has an awesome outgoing message!

It was a female voice and it said something like "This is Sardita, leave a messsage." And that was it.

Wrong number, or just George Lucas covering his tracks so schmucks like me won't post his phone number online? The world may never know.

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