Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Surprise on the Corner

Yesterday I went to the bank to make a deposit (I felt awesome depositing a $6.00 check!) and on the way back I experienced another New York first: I ran into someone on the street that I knew! It's pretty goofy how happy it made me feel. Maybe because it was JT and Amy (fellow improvisers at the National Comedy Theatre), two people I really like being around. It was just really cool and made me feel like I belonged in the city.

They were on their way to get some dinner and asked me to join them. I felt a bit awkward because I didn't want to intrude on their hang time but it's been a long time since I've even seen Amy so they didn't have to ask twice if I wanted to come along.

We ate at a nice Mexican place called Arriba Arriba where our waitress was friendly and cute (it was her first day) and they even had a scary gap-toothed DJ spinning tunes like "It's Raining Men" and other such tunes that were a little less than subtle (a DJ in a restaurant? That was weird).

Without trying to come across as too sappy it was a really nice time. Every time I'm with Amy I realize how cool she is and it makes me bummed we don't get to see her more often. And of course, JT is just the man. Needless to say, many laughs were shared.

After dinner we went to the theater for rehearsal (it was a great rehearsal...we've recently recruited a new bunch of people onto the team and they're all great peoples) and afterward the whole gang--or most of us--went out for drinks. It capped off a really nice day, but when I look back I am grateful for having such great people in my life who, when I bump into them in the street, make me count my blessings.

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