Tuesday, April 04, 2006

No Longer An Accomplice

Weird stuff.

Those of you who have been regular readers of my blog may recall me working with an improvisational tour guide scavenger hunt thing last season. I had a great time playing the role of "homeless guy on the Brooklyn Bridge" and after each show it was fun hanging out with the people who came through and getting to meet them.

In November shows stopped for the winter and I was excited, as the Guy In Charge said he was excited to have me back in the spring. Well, spring has sprung and I saw that last weekend was their return to shows. Since I'd heard nothing from them, I assumed they weren't going to ask me back, which was fine. That happens sometimes. I liked them a lot, and sent them an email wishing them a great season.

I got an email in return stating they were sorry they didn't ask me to return, but I just didn't fit in with the group. I laughed out loud. Definitely not expecting to hear that, especially since they never once came to the Bridge to see my interaction with the people or my performance. So all I could assume is that after the show, hanging out at the bar, I didn't fit in because I usually had Pepsi instead of alcohol. All I ever heard was how well people who took the tour said I was doing, so it seemed to be a little out of left field.

Oh well. Not the first time that's happened, right (hello, Nashville, is this thing on)? Although this time didn't bother me at all. Why? I'm sure you already know the reason. I'm having too much fun at the National Comedy Theatre to let anything else rub me the wrong way. It's kinda like saying, "Hey Ed, you can't have any more Raisin Bran."

"I can't?"


"Oh. Ok, whatever. Can I still have Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch?"

"Oh yea, as much as you want. And now, due to magic, even though it's still going to taste exactly the same, it'll actually be healthy for you."

"Cool. So what's the downside? I don't see it."

In my opinion, you can't ever get enough breakfast cereal metaphors.

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