Saturday, August 05, 2006

Gonna Fly Now

One of the things I was looking forward to when I moved back to Indiana was going down to the boxing club. Dad's been a boxing coach for as long as I can remember and was a boxer for quite a few years before that.

Last night after work I went with Dad down to the boxing club to work out. I don't even remember the last time I trained with Dad [I must have been around 16 or 17] and I was excited to return. I'm still sore, and I love it.

The workout killed me and I reveled in every last minute of it. The training agenda hasn't changed a bit since the last time I was there so I was able to get right into the groove of it all. Three one-minute rounds of warm-ups, three one-minute rounds of speed heavybags, and then three rounds each of heavybag, swaybag, and speedbag.

By the end of it all I was nothing but a big sweaty mess but I didn't mind at all. I'd worked hard to get that way. I'm looking forward to going back again next Friday night. The club is officially closed for the summer, but a few guys still like to go down so Dad opens it up once a week. The actual training season will start in a few weeks and the club will be open three times a week.

Dad's a great boxing coach [that'll happen when you're as good in the ring as he was] and it was good to step back in and have him spotting me. I'm not looking for any bouts or fights, I'm just there for the workout. And it ain't too bad. If you're in the Dekalb County area, I highly recommend it. Unlike most gyms that charge an arm and a leg each month to join, the Dekalb County Boxing Club only charges five bucks a year, and Dad only charges that because that's what the boxing commission requires. Dad's never charged more than that required minimum because he wanted as many kids to be able to participate that wanted to join.

If you want me to keep you posted on when the club will officially open for the season, drop me a line. It's a heckuva workout, and you won't be sorry.

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