Thursday, August 03, 2006

NBC: Later Rather Than Sooner

A couple of weeks ago I think I posted something on here about my video submission for a contest NBC was having to promote the most excellent show, The Office. The top three submissions will be aired on NBC. They've released the 20 finalists at and if you look closely, you'll see that I'm not among them. A few of them are actually pretty good. But only a few. I'm not saying that my submission is better than the others (I'm no sore loser) but I am saying I can't believe most of them were selected. Kind of like watching America's Funniest Home Videos. At the end of the show when they announce the 3 funniest videos, more often than not I'm left thinking Huh? But I guess that's the thing about humor. It's all objective.

My video submission is posted on YouTube and, as promised, I have made the video public so you can watch and enjoy (hopefully enjoy). The final product had to be exactly 20 seconds and you weren't allowed to use any footage from the show (even though one of the 20 finalists did. Um...that's not freakin fair). My original cut was 2 and-a-half minutes, so needless to say, I had to do some serious editing. The basic premise is some friends hanging around, quoting lines from The Office, and one guy who doesn't watch the show tries desperately to fit in.

Maybe it didn't translate in 20 seconds. Or maybe the judges forgot that Steve Carell, star of The Office, was also in The 40 Year Old Virgin. Oh well. We still had a good time. My submission can be seen here: Feel free to leave a comment and browse around while you're there!

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