Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Come on, guys!

Yesterday while watching the news I saw a report in which they said the average husband creates 7 hours of housework per week.

Guys, may  have a word, please, in private?

(insert pause here while we wait for the ladies to leave)

Ok dudes, seriously. You disappoint me.

We can totally bump that up to at least 10.


matt stine said...

lol ed youre funny man, indiana misses the placencia's, are you guys ever gonna have kids, that will add some housework for sarah!!

johnsallen said...

hells yes...ed kills as always.

crystalblurry said...

I just wonder how I create 7 hours of housework when I am only home a few hours during the week before I go to bed. It would be interesting to see the data on that.