Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stalked by Felt? OK!

There are things that society has accepted as normal that are, in fact, not normal at all.

Let's say, for example, I am at HersheyPark, a local amusement park. I'm walking along the midway enjoying the atmosphere and suddenly I sense I'm being followed. And not only am I being followed but it's like someone is right behind me, I mean right on me. I turn around and it turns out I am in fact being followed by some strange dude and his head is really close to the back of my head.

Society has taught me that this is weird. This guy should not be following me this closely, he shouldn't have his nose mere inches from my head, and he should leave me alone.


...if the same guy is wearing a huge costume and dressed as a chocolate bar with a bite taken out of him and a huge scary smile on its fuzzy head, THAT is perfectly OK and acceptable. In that case I would turn around and see this costumed character and laugh and smile and just say, "Oh you silly huge chocolate bar."

And so this is where we are as a people: Where it's actually creepier to be followed by a fellow human than it is to be stalked by a giant Twix bar.

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jenn rorher said...

hehe... ahh what a great post.