Wednesday, April 02, 2008

MY Gayest Look

Poor Jay Leno.

I used to like him before he became the host of "The Tonight Show." I actually still like him, just not as a host. Suffice it to say I think he's a better stand-up comedian than he is talk show host. I guess I'll always be a Letterman fan. And a Conan fan. And a Craig Ferguson fan.

But now poor Jay finds himself apologizing for a joke he made on the show the other night while interviewing Ryan Phillippe. They were talking about one of Phillippe's earliest roles where he played a gay teenager on a soap opera. Leno then said, "Pretend the camera is your gay lover. Give us your gayest look."

This, apparently, was UNACCEPTABLE! People are in fits because Jay asked him to give us his "gayest look." They threw a hissy fit of...well... I guess standard proportions and Leno has since apologized.

I guess this is why I don't have my own talk show. Why does he have to apologize for this? Should he stop by the press room every night and go down the list of every person he made a joke about in his opening monologue and apologize to them as well? Sorry George Bush. Sorry Hillary and Barack. Sorry Paris Hilton. Sorry people with no sense of humor.

What's the big deal? If a statement like that sends you reeling then I say put on a helmet, Goldie, because life gets a little tougher than that.

One of the loudest of "the offended" is Jeff Whitty, the guy who wrote the Broadway hit Avenue Q. Don't get me wrong...I love Avenue Q. I think it's hilarious. Mostly because it pokes fun at everyone and everything. The fact that he gets upset about Jay Leno saying "Give me your gayest look" but has his name on a play that includes lyrics like "Mexican busboys should learn g** d*** English" and jokes about black people not being able to get a taxi.... doesn't make much sense to me. I say if you're allowed to poke fun at people (and get a Tony Award for it) then you should be able to let others joke, too.

A new website was started because of the hubbub called "My Gayest Look for Jay Leno" where people submit pictures of themselves flipping off the camera. Yea. That'll show him!!

I was going to submit my gayest look, but I couldn't find a picture of a bunch of people putting so much energy into getting so upset over so little.


thirdfloorthoughts said...

amen, and amen (but, don't call me goldie)

tenthredemption said...

amen to this. i saw avenue q again last night here in miami...saw the original cast in nyc. that guy has absolutely no reason for being offended by leno's comment. pfft. au contraire, you could say perhaps the guy was whispering in leno's ear to ask him to do that. LOL.

i love being politically incorrect. and i will most certainly take it if i can dish it. people need to lighten up, pull the sticks out of their asses...and realize that "ethnic (and other un-PC) jokes might be uncouth, but you laugh because they're based on truth."

tenthredemption said...

p.s. i came upon your blog randomly looking for other avenue q yes, i'm late in chiming in here. LOL.

eplacencia said...

No worries, dude. Welcome to the party.