Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Little Quirks and Where They Came From

I'm one of those people who are easily influenced. When I moved to California back in 1992, I immediately took to the word "Dude" and it hasn't left my vernacular since.

When I was in Georgia for a short time, I picked up the phrase "Good night" from my pal Jack. You use it when something ridiculous happens and it is said as an alternate to "Good grief" or "Oh my gosh."

Recently I stumbled upon an email I had written to my pals JT, Kevin, and Chris back in May of 2006. It was a list of things I had picked up from them while I was living in New York. In my email, I gave examples of seven things I was still using that I absorbed from being around them so much. What's pretty funny is, I still use five of them on a pretty regular basis (those have been italicized):


  2. "I mean...you know..."

  3. "What's up, nuts?"

  4. Whatshisnuts (a fun alternative to "What's-his-face")

  5. "Aw, geez...." (spoken in a high falsetto)

  6. "Yessssssss"

  7. The patented JT Arbogast Clenched Smile While Shaking My Head Back And Forth As I Look At Something Ridiculous

That's right. I am now footnoting my quirks.

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