Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Coming to a theater near you: Jennifer, Vince, and Me

Well, today I was on the set to display my awesome roller blading skills in the Jennifer Aniston/Vince Vaughn movie, "The Break Up." And I'm stoked because I think I got some good screen time! We'll see. The actors and "important people" were watching the dailies and they wouldn't scoot over to let me see if I was in the shot, so I smacked Jennifer Aniston on the head. It was fun.

She's a tiny little thing and just as cute in person as she is on TV. And Vince Vaughn is cool and laid back and like TWICE as tall in person as he seems on the big screen.

It was a full day at the beach today and a hot one. I felt bad because we were there all day and some of the extras never got used. But at least they still got paid to be at the beach all day.

The first scene we shot was along the lakefront in a park-type setting. The scene is focused on Jennifer Aniston and Some Other Girl walking through the park talking (one of those shots where they are walking toward the camera, and the camera guy is in front of them walking backwards). And behind them comes Ed on roller blades! Yeeeee! Another guy and I were the designated roller bladers for the shot, so we skate up behind them and then pull over and rest on a bench. We did it like 10 times because they kept laughing about somethng, so maybe we'll make the blooper reel too. I was tempted to just kept going and slam into Jennifer Aniston, screaming like a burning midget all the way, but I didn't.

After that we broke for lunch (yay for dinner with Jennifer and Vince!) and then went to the beach for a beach scene. At first it was a little like gym class all over again because we all lined up and the wardrobe and set people chose 10 guys and 10 girls to be in the shot, seated in various positions on the beach sunning themselves. And I didn't get chosen because I wasn't studly enough. I didn't feel too bad, though, because I was happy about where they put me in the first shot. But then they came back and grabbed me and a different guy for ACTION. So where all of the hot people got to sit on the beach in the background, I actually got to WALK BY. So, when you are watching the film, there's a shot of the Not-Jennifer-Aniston girl at the beach talking on a cell phone with a couple of kids in tow. Behind her, walking from right to left and carrying a duffel bag, walks Ed! Depending on how they framed the shot, it might just be Ed's Legs, but ladies, don't pretend like you don't know them when you see them.

All in all a fun day. Most of it spent waiting around, but that's to be expected on the set. I am going back next week for a scene at Wrigley Field and there are always possibilities of more scenes, so as always, I shall keep ye posted. And one of the agents I submitted my headshot/voice demo to called today to set up a meeting, so hopefully something will come of that. And quickly. All this movie stuff is fun, but I gots bills to pay.

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