Thursday, June 23, 2005

I think I blew it

I went in today to meet with an agent who specializes in voice overs. I had sent in a resume and demo a few weeks ago so it's about time they got back to me.

Anyhow, I went in to meet them and did a kind of trial audition to see if they wanted to associate themselves with me. I got there and they gave me about 6 sample scripts to look over, then we went into the studio where I recorded them. The lady (Linda) who was engineering would edit them all together and them play them for the rest of the people at the agency later so they could sit together and listen and vote me in or out.

The scripts were your basic radio promo scripts (one for Mcdonald's, one for Gatorade, one for Healthy Choice, an airline, and a couple more). I felt pretty confident as I read them but then the engineer didn't seem too happy with them. She said it was a little too radio-announcerish and not conversational enough. So we did them a few more times. I was listening to her direction and (I thought) giving her more of what she was looking for but she didn't give me the impression that I was getting close.

She was nice enough and very cool and her direction was good but I don't know. When I left we talked for a bit and I got the feeling that it was probably the last time I was going to see her. I hope that's not the case, but that's the vibe I picked up.

In the past when I've left an audition and knew I didn't get the part it just kind of rolled off my back and on I went; never really bothered me. But today was different and it was weird. Rejection is part of the biz and it never ever got to me, but today when I left and got off of the elevator I was really bummed and I couldn't figure out why it depressed me. I think mostly because I felt like I did a really good job but it still wasn't what she as looking for. Who knows. Or maybe it's because I really want some work.

Maybe the rest of the gang at the agency will like it and my being bummed is just a waste of time, but I'm not placing any bets.


Oh well.


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