Saturday, June 04, 2005

I Own This Town

Last night was weird. Cool, but weird.

It was laundry day here and Amy said that whenever we wanted to do laundry we could go to her aunt & uncle's so we wouldn't have to pay to do it at a laundry mat. So last night we took her up on her offer and it was cool.

Her relatives have this awesome apartment on the 10th floor of a building downtown that overlooks the lake and you can also see the ferris wheel at Navy Pier. Oh, did I mention that while the laundry is being washed we also have access to the pool, workout room, sauna, and hot tub? And because most of the people who live in the apartment building are a bit older, all of these amenities were 100% deserted. It was awesome.

At one point I was the only one in the pool. It's indoors, but there are windows all around that almost give you the feeling of being outside. It was dark (about 9 or 10pm) and all of the pool lights were turned off except for one lone light in the water at the "deep end" of the pool. I just stood in the pool and all around me were awesome skyscrapers and buildings and lights and the lake and it was just a really really cool site. It was peaceful and nice and I couldn't wait for my clothes to get dirty so we'd have to come back and do laundry again.

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