Saturday, December 30, 2006

The McBob Family Update

Each holiday season I get a number of cards, photos, and newsletters from various friends I have made in my journeys. One I especially look forward to is the by-the-numbers year-in-review I get from Justin and Amy McRoberts (or, as they chose to call it this year, "El Ano En La Revision De La Familia De McBob 2006"). Finally. Something I can understand.

But this isn't your average What Our Family Did or Year in Review. It's written in bullet form and each line begins "Number of...." Whether it's the number of airplanes they flew on, number of hours Justin stayed up before their flight to Europe, or number of concerts they had in the Dakotas in the last 8 years, their update always cracks me up and the Christmas season isn't complete until I've read - and laughed my head off at - the McBob Update.

If you've been in my house before you may have seen it on the fridge and wondered exactly what it was. Now you know. It stays up year-round so I can show off my funny San Francisco friends to all of my other friends who perhaps aren't as funny.

Yesterday I received this year's update. Now, 2007. Now you may begin.

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