Friday, July 13, 2007

My Ghostly Plan

I was walking in downtown Strasburg PA last week and came across a small group of people gathered on a street corner. They were being led by a woman who--in any other situation--would not garner a second look. But on this occasion she did. Because she was wearing a long black cape.

It turns out it was a walking "ghost tour". You know, you pay 15 bucks and they take you around and tell you about all of the old houses that are haunted. My friend Ann's mom is on the Strasburg city council and she told me that all of the stories they tell are made up.

I was amazed. I COULD DO THAT! Why am I not doing that? I could totally charge people and make up stories about old houses!! But I would do it way better. And, I'd only charge 10 bucks instead of fifteen. And I would wear a cape with sparkles. And let the tour-goers carry lanterns.

Yea, I could totally do that. I asked Ann's mom how much it was to get a license to do that. She said it was only TWENTY BUCKS A YEAR!! I pay twenty bucks and then I could charge people money to lie to them!!!

Why am I not doing this?

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