Wednesday, July 04, 2007

"Sicko" sickos

I went to see the new Michael Moore documentary "Sicko" today. I'm not always a fan of Moore as a celebrity or personality, but I have to admit he knows how to put together a film, whether I agree with his point-of-view or not. In his latest outing he takes a stab at the state of America's health care coverage. Don't's not nearly as boring and banal as my description makes it sound. In fact, it's probably my favorite movie by Moore, besting even his "Roger & Me" debut. By the end of the film I found myself wondering the same thing I've been wondering for some time now:

1. Why DOESN'T America have free universal health care?

2. I now have yet another reason to go to Europe.

I was also very impressed with Lancaster today. At the 1:00 showing the theater was almost to full capacity and a large portion of the audience appeared to be teenagers. I have to admit I was sure they would cause a ruckus during the movie after learning they weren't in the theater showing "Transformers" but I was pleasantly surprised. You couldn't have asked for a better crowd.

On the way out I was walking behind an elderly couple and the woman commented on how she too was surprised at the large number of young people in the audience. Her (I assume) husband harrumphed in response, "Young people aren't going to change anything. It's the old people who will."

An oddly pessimistic reaction from someone who, judging by his snail-like walking pace and trembling voice, only has about 4 months to start changing things before he drops dead.

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