Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Sad Day

My pal John Allen sent me this email update:

Golgotha Golf To Transmogrify Into Dinner Theater, Haunted Mine

One of the nation's few Bible-themed miniature golf courses will soon be replaced by a pair of new attractions. Golgotha Golf, part of the Cave City cluster of attractions, had been suffering a slow devolution since it closed permanently in 2001 or so. New owner Ron Cushman said "It will no longer be a mini golf course. It is becoming a dinner theatre and a haunted mine attraction (in the old go cart concourse). The new name will be 'The Grande Palace Music Hall and Clementine Mine.'" Ron hopes to have the business up and operating by June 2007. "The theatre and mine will be separate attractions and a separate ticket since dinner theatre and crashing elevators don't go together."

We asked if doomed spelunker Floyd Collins will be coaxed from his nearby grave site to wander the Haunted Mine. "The ghost of Floyd Collins?" said Cushman, "I wouldn't dare give away our secrets, now would I?"

Haunted mines? Dinner theatre? I don't know....I'm just glad my buddy Aaron Marrs and I got to document this hallowed mini-golf resort before this desecration.


chuck said...

ahhh I remember seeing that movie... made me laugh. "Look at the heathens across the street..." hehehe

wait, so, how do you keep track of this golf course so well? is it near where you live?

Golf Club Rentals said...

Ed, what are you doing with yourself!?

eplacencia said...

You're readin' about it. :)

Brian Landis said...

I remember seeing the mini golf movie... hey, maybe they'll send you some of the figurines if you ask for them!

Ashlea said...

wow. i'm not sure which is scarier....

your hair, your glasses, or... yep just those two.