Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spamming Back

OK, so I don't really discuss politics in this blog...except maybe for the blog about Sarah's comment about McCain but seriously, I couldn't not write about that one. I shy away from politics not because I find it boring and, as a result, I find myself fairly uninformed (both of which are true) but honestly people who talk politics annoy me almost to the point of rage. When someone decides they want to try to convince me their political point of view is the One True View, I have to admit the more they talk and the more passionate they are, the more I find myself siding with the other party.

That being said, I found myself particularly annoyed when I heard about an email my friend Ashlea received. I asked her to send it to me so I could check it out for myself. Here it is in its original form...actually, there are a couple omissions, but I'll tell you about them when you get there:
Hi. I got your e-mail address from a listing of public media contact names. I'm writing to ask you for two things.


Please personally spread this e-mail around to everyone you know, especially friends who are undecided or recently switched to the GOP because of Sarah Palin. 

Here she is laughing while a political opponent of hers, who is a cancer survivor, is called a bitch and a cancer:
There was a link provided here, but since I'm not really up for helping out, it's not here any more.

And here's some commentary about it:

Same with the commentary. If you wanna do more reading, why not start at my blogs from the very beginning.

Also, while Mayor of Wasilla, Sarah Palin had the city charge rape victims for the rape kits used in their cases! Wasilla was the only city in Alaska that did this, and eventually, the state legislature had to pass a bill to stop it.

Yea, I know, bla bla bla, more links that I didn't bother clicking on used to reside here.

We can't let this horrible person come within a 71 year old heartbeat of the Presidency!!!

Second, please encourage your media outlet to cover these stories if it hasn't already. Many people are being drawn to the McCain/Palin ticket because of an image of Sarah Palin that is a pure PR creation, and the American media needs to correct it. Also, consider that if either of the Democratic candidates had anything like this in their past records, FOX News would be broadcasting it every hour on the hour as the lead story every day from now until November!

Thank you for your time.

Don't get me wrong. This email didn't annoy me because I'm a particularly fervent McCain/Palin supporter. It annoyed me because I hate spam. And for some reason (probably because I knew I'd end up writing about it here) I decided to send them a letter in response. I know, I know, the return email address is probably a dummy address that doesn't go anywhere, but I still had fun putting my reply together.


Hi. I got your e-mail address from a friend of mine you spammed. I'm writing to ask you for two things.


Please personally do your own work and stop being lazy and trying to get others to do it for you. Are you willing to go to the jobs of the people you write and do their work for them? Or is this just a one way street? If you expect us to do your campaigning for you, then are you willing to come to my house and wash my car? Give and take, dude/ma'am/nameless writer. Do you always approach complete strangers and ask them for favors? Do you walk down the street and randomly ask people to pick up your laundry or whip up some food for dinner? 

Here's a video link you never asked to see. It's a parrot eating a grilled cheese sandwich:


Please consider the fact that the more you spam people about your politics, the angrier they become at the agenda you're trying to push. You're like a viral Jehovah's Witness, except without the nice clothing or grasp of social graces.

Thank you for your time.


Fred said...

This social commentary should be read by every read blooded American whether they are American or not. Please send this to everyone you know requesting, nay, demanding they read this critical bit of social commentary.

Also, my laundry is strewn from Prince to Lime. Could you pick it all up for me please, fold it and drop it off at my work. I have some errands for you to do when you stop by, also.


A concerned American

Jen Marceaux said...

I wonder how many hits the parrot eating the grilled cheese sandwich has received since your blog.

Tom said...

Well politics is touchy subject--always find myself at my local YMCA talking either relationship , religion, or politics --and someone (a complete stranger) always ends up walking away P.O. d--but we are humans and we need to discuss things that matter--how many "isn't the weather nice" comments can we digest in a lifetime? This is one reason I like this blog--some unique comments by a rather unique fella! cheers and carpe diem--Tom @